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Driving School




Our prices are $375. Including the test. If you have had a sibling here before it'll be $365. *If you decide not to take the test it'll still be $375*

At RoadRunner Driving Academy, we help our students meet the state requirements to gain a drivers license with intentional trainings that will leave them ready to ace the drivers test!

State Requirements:

  • 8 hours classroom instruction

  • 6 hours behind the wheel instruction

What we offer:

  • Fun, interactive classes

  • Intentional, personalized driving experience

  • Training on the course you will take your test

  • Opportunity to take your test with one of our instructors

Make sure the student brings their permit to class also for anyone under the age of 18 a parent will need to sign paperwork before class begins. 

If you do not have a permit , we offer permit testing . Call Brandy (864)205-218 or Melissa (864)266-7972 .. if no answer please leave a message 8am until 6pm or text

When are classes?

Our classes are on Saturdays from 9am until 5pm.

Where do you offer classes? 

We offer classes in Greer, SC.

What do the classes cover?

In the class we cover information needed to make our students responsible, defensive, and safe drivers. We prepare students for the drivers test that is ahead, but also equip them with the knowledge designed to keep them and others safe while on the roads.

What do the classes look like?

We understand that 8 hour and even 4 hour classes can feel like a long time. We do everything in our power to make the classes both educational and engaging. We strive to provide fun, interactive classes. 

How do we sign up?

Signup will be held on the same Saturday as class from 8:10 am until 8:45 am class starts at 9:00 am

We only accept cash or check for payment.

How do students sign up for the one on one driving?

We signup students for driving practice at noon on the Saturday during class

How does driving work?

Our instructors will pick them up and drop them off on their scheduled drive days. They can drive all 6 hours at once or split it into 2 drives of 3 hours each. We work with our students to do what's best for them and their situation.


What happens after the completion of the program?

Once your student has completed both portions of the program, they then have the option to test for their restricted license with one of our instructors. You have to sign up for this during the classroom portion of our program. If you do not wish to test with us, you will still receive the documents needed to test at the DMV.


How much does this cost?

Our fee for the entire program is $375, including the test. If you don't test it'll still be $375. You can pay half of that at class, and the other half the first day your student drives, or you can pay the entire amount at class. We accept payment in the form of cash, check, or cards to Roadrunner Driving Academy. 

If you only pay half up front with a check, the other half is due in the form of cash! If payment is brought on the first day of driving in any form other than cash, we will have to reschedule your driving to another day when payment for the course can be completed with in cash. 

For any other specific questions, please call, or send us your question through our "Questions" page on top tab.




Greer, SC





GRR: 864-906-6259



Call during 8:00am-6:00pm - Monday - Saturday. 864 906-6259.

Mon 10 am-6pm 

Wed 10 am-6pm

Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday 8am-5pm

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