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Driving School



  Our prices are $375. Including the test. If you have had a sibling here before it'll be $365. 
Our rates are 375.00 for 8hr class, 6hr driving practice, and the road test included. 
Please click on the driver's education training link below. Then pick the Saturday you would like your student to attend the class portion of the course, then click the 9 am slot time, and then click the continue button on the bottom right-hand corner to be directed to the confirmation page. At this time, we are ONLY offering in person class. All paperwork will be signed, for both, on the Saturday morning at 8:30 am, before the class starts. All paperwork will be signed in the office. Free waters will be provided, and Sodas/Snacks will be on sale for $1. Lunch will not be provided, so please bring a bag lunch. We only accept Cash or check. Please bring the student's permit with you to the signup appointment. If you have any questions please call 864 906-6259. Available from 8am until 6pm.

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